Welcome to Milo art

Welcome to the pleasuredome,
land of Bipolarity...beyond the Sea of Depression and among the hills of Mania.

Milo was born in Belgrad, in 1955. Starting early, he was admitted to the Academy of Arts, Düsseldorf (Germany) at sixteen, the youngest student of art ever! There he was taught by the late Joseph Beuys, and Claus Köhler – Achenbach, among other defining figures of German contemporary art. He subsequently attended the Colone conservatory, studying under the likes of Jiggs Wigham and Fred Harz. After finishing his studies, Milo moved to Budapest, Hungary and opened revolutionary gallery and restaurant Amadeus. A space with interiors, furniture, artwork and food all of his creation, it rapidly gained popularity with the local high society, expats and visiting celebrities, boasting quest like Donald Sutherland, Jeremy Irons and George Soros, James Belushi, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Al di Meola, Moby, Mike Stern, and Branford Marsalis. His time in Budapest also marks a prolific period of painting.

He develops a penchant toward the surreal and the morbid. It is this new style to garner him the attention of the late Leo Castelli, who was to become the subject in a vast series of photographs, sketches and oil portraits for Milo. Their friendship would later result in Milo showing his work in galleries around North America. Further projects include yacht design – implementing a patent of a boat with a partly detachable front piece to fit specifications of size for road transportation, showcased at the 1987 Yacht and Boat design fair in Düsseldorf, the construction of real estate, such as a town hoese in Berchtesgaden, Germany, mergin modern elements and classically Bavaria interiors, and manufacturing unique bespoke guitars. Through his many endeavours painting has remained his main focus, allowing him to adapt his style to aesthetic.

Milo now lives in Italy